A tradition of excellence


Principal: Laurie L. Andrews
Assistant Principal: Norma Aylward
Guidance:  Michael Walsh
Secretary: Shalyn Kavanagh

English: Allison Edwards

French: Victoria French

French: Leah Nash

Grade One
English:  Andrea Howard

French: Laura Winter

Grade Two

English: Heather Kennedy

French: Darlene Reid

Grade Three
English: Joan Dicks

French: Wendy Kerr

Grade Four
English: Cinnamon Hicks

English: Allyson Crocker

French: Lori Walsh

Grade Five
English: Paula Power

French:  Leslie Fram

Grade Six

English: Krista Goulding

French: Lana Stead


Music Teacher: Sarah Caines

Physical Education: Sherri Lynn Colbert

Band: Brant Parsons

Student Support Servicess

Michelle Reynolds

Jean Barry

Terri Fowler

Lisa Bagg

Chandra Collins

Student Assistants

Jennifer Cole

Jackie Bursey

Glenn Warren

Allan Chubbs


Custodial Staff
Maintenance Custodian: Gord Pike
Custodian: Shawn Miller

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