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School Council


School Council Elections

The school council seats were awarded by acclamation. Congratulations to Brad Stone and Lydia Sutton


School Council
The Bishop Field School Council is a legally constituted body of elected and appointed representatives of the local school constituency. It is established for the purpose of enhancing the quality of school programs and improving the levels of student achievement in the school. The school council consists of a balance of teacher, parent, and community representatives who meet on a regular basis to receive information regarding school operations, to share expertise and support with the school community, and to work together to plan activities which will enhance the school experience for our students and families.

Current Council 2016-17

Laurie Andrews (Principal)

Michelle Brophy (Parent Representative)

Emily Sopkowe (Parent Representative)

Norma Aylward (Assistant Principal)

Leslie Stuckless (Teacher Representative)

Erin Power (Community Representative)

Brad Stone (re-elected chair)

Lydia Sutton


School Council Minutes May 8

School Council Minutes –  April 2017

School Council Minutes –  March 2017

School Council Minutes – February 2017

School Council Minutes – January 2017

School Council Minutes – November 2016

School Council Minutes October 2016

School Council Minutes – September 19,2016

2015 – 2016

School Council Minutes June 2015

School Council Minutes Sept 21 2015

School Council Minutes Oct 5 2015

School Council Minutes November 2 2015

School Minutes December Meeting 2015

School Council Minutes – Feb 2016

School Council Minutes March 2016

School Council Minutes April 2016

School Council Minutes May-2

School Council Minutes June-15

Comments on: "School Council" (2)

  1. Sharon Ho said:

    Can the minutes from the School Council meetings be made available or are the meetings open to the public. It’s hard to feel engaged with the school when one isn’t told anything about the School Council meetings.

    • bishopfeild said:

      School council minutes are available. School council meeting are public. They are over for this school year; however, dates for meeting will be published on our school website and newsletters in future.

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