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Bishop Feild SCHOOL CALENDAR 17-18.doc

This calendar shows the days in the cycle and district holidays.

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  1. Louise Daley said:

    The new website looks really good but it would be really useful for parents, especially those who are working if we could see the entire school year so we can see what dates the school will be closed for holidays and PD days and plan our required leave in advance.


    • Thanks for the comments! We will look at putting up tentative dates for the year. Often times, there are a lot of changes to proposed dates as the year progresses. But we will try and look at the events that are set in stone and put those up on the website.

    • All events/dates that are “set in stone” have been added to the calendar. There will be more events/dates posted as the year goes, including PD dates. Hope this helps our families.

      • Daley, Louise said:

        Thanks that is wonderful.l I went in and looked at the updated calendar that is really helpful.

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  2. Elizabeth said:

    HI – could you please, please, please put up a calendar that shows each month and the seven-day cycle together, so I know what day it is on any given date. We do not always get a monthly classroom calendar and trying to keep track of the seven-day school cycle and what activities my child has on a given day can be a challenge. (Read: frazzled parent needs help.)
    Thanks very much!

  3. carla goudie said:

    What does the blue mean on the calendar?? There is a explanation for the white, yellow, red…….but nothing for the blue?????? Is it for holidays or PD days???

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