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There will be no skiing and snowshoeing at Pippy Park on Monday, February 8.  (We need snow)

Grade 3 and 4 Basketball

This memo was sent home today .

The BFAP hopes to once again have a Grade 3 and 4 Basketball program on Sundays from 2-3 p.m. The objective of this program is for students to learn some basketball skills, have the opportunity to be involved in the Athletic program at Bishop Feild and most of all have fun!  All students, boys and girls, are welcome.

We hope to start the program Sunday, February 7, 2016, and run for 10 weeks.

Registration forms will be distributed at the practice.


Feildian Family Flyer February 2016

Literacy Week Schedule

January 27, 2016 is Family Literacy Day!  This is a national initiative that recognizes the role families play in encouraging, developing and supporting literacy for children.  When families read and learn together in fun and creative ways, literacy is improved and family relationships are strengthened.  In order to recognize this initiative, Bishop Feild students and parents are invited to celebrate literacy learning over the next week in the ways below.

  • Drop everything and read (DEAR) on Monday, January 25.
  • Class literacy trivia on Tuesday, January 26.
  • Dress up as a character from one of your favorite books on Wednesday, January 27. Book-nics in the library during the day.
  • Parents are invited to read to their child’s class on Thursday, January 28. Specific times will be set for this activity and regular classroom teaching will resume after the parent reading session.  If teachers receive numerous offers, they will arrange for times on another day or two.  Teachers will make contact with the parents involved.  (If interested, please complete the form below and return it to your child’s teacher on Monday, January 25.)
  • Cuddle up With a Good Book (Details below.)
  • Literacy Bingo from Monday, January 25, to Friday, January 29. Your bingo card with all required information will be distributed on Monday.


In celebration of Family Literacy Day, the Literacy Committee is hosting “Cuddle up with a Good Book.”  This event will take place on Friday, January 29.

We are asking that all students of Bishop Feild dress in pyjamas that day and bring their favourite family bedtime storybook to share with the class. You can even bring a favourite blanket to cuddle with!

Your Bishop Feild Literacy Committee

  • Lights Out, Talk On: After your bedtime story, turn the lights off and talk about new endings to the story you just read together
  • Surfing Snacks: Go online together to find out how your favorite foods are made.  Are they something you can make together at home?
  • Find A-B-C: Have an alphabet scavenger hunt to look for things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  If you can’t find some letters, go outside or try looking in books and magazines.
  • Float in a Boat: Work together to fold a family fleet of origami boats.  (All the steps are listed here: Origami Boat
  • Let’s go Shopping: Have children write the family grocery list out themselves, then bring it to the store.  Let them check each item off the list.  Maybe they can get to pick a favorite item for all the hard work.
  • Number Walk: As you put on your shoes, choose something you want to count during your walk.  It could be dogs, trees, stop signs, cars – anything you want!  On your walk, count how many you can find.
  • Word Wall: Learn one new word every day.  Display them by creating a family word wall with Bristol board and markers.  Can you make a sentence with the words on your wall?
  • How Was Your Day?: Exchange notes (or write a journal) with your child telling each other about the best part of your day.  Or, switch it up: what’s the best thing you expect to happen tomorrow?
  • A Course of Course: Build an obstacle course through your family room and draw a map of how to go through it from beginning to end.
  • Sing Chat: Sing a conversation with your children to the tune of your favorite song.  Maybe you can even make it rhyme!
  • Snow You Tell Me: Use emptied dish soap bottles filled with water and food coloring to write messages and draw in the snow.
  • Know it All: Together, look online for the meaning of funny words like “collywobbles” and “onomatopoeia.”  Make it extra fun by looking up Newfoundland words and then sharing them with your classmates.
  • Game On!: Start family board game night and play a different game each week. Family members can take turns reading instructions and game cards as well as keeping score.

Congratulations to the grade 3 classes on a wonderful celebration of the Ode to Newfoundland. The special guests including members the Holy Heart of Mary Alumni choir and Dr. Valerie Long made the event a special one.

There will be a used book sale this Friday at Bishop Feild. Students can purchase gently used books for .25 cents each. That is 4 books for a dollar! We will have a wide variety of books on sale.  This is a great way to find a book you may have been looking for and a great recycling project as an old book will find a new home.

book1  book2

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