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Due to icy field conditions, the field trip to Pippy Park for Friday is cancelled.

Bishop Feild school phones are out of service.  Please email the school shalynkavanagh@nlesd.ca (secretary) or  laurieandrews@nlesd.ca (Principal)


The Bishop Feild elementary field trip to Pippy Park for Ms Dicks, Ms Flight’s and Ms Williams class is going ahead today. Students are asked to come prepared for outdoor activities.

Chicken Pox

For the information of parents and guardians, we have several cases of chicken pox at school. If your child has chicken pox, can you please inform the school or the community health nurse .

Here is some information about chicken pox from the public health nurse.

Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is caused by a virus and is spread through the air by cough or sneeze or by contact with the fluid in a chickenpox blister. It starts with a fever, followed several days later by a red, spotty, itchy rash. The spots turn into fluid filled blisters that crust over. More blisters can appear while the first ones are still crusting over. Children who have chickenpox can be infectious from several days before the spots appear until five days after they appear.

Check with your family doctor if your child or a member of your household has cancer, immune system problems or is taking any anti-cancer drugs. If you have not had chickenpox and you are pregnant, check with your family doctor.

At home, give acetaminophen, not aspirin, for fever. Keep fingernails short to help prevent scratching and scarring. Use Calamine lotion or baking soda baths to relieve itching. FREQUENT HAND WASHING is crucial.

A child with a mild illness should be allowed to return to school or daycare as soon as he or she is not contagious and is well enough to participate normally in all activities regardless of the state of the rash


Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday

In support of anti-bullying and Violence Awareness Week initiatives we are encouraging students to wear pink shirts tomorrow.

The grade 2 and Grade 3 Power class field trip (snowshoeing/skiing) has been cancelled today, Monday, due to field conditions. The rain last night took the snow and did not leave good field conditions.

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